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At D. Gandy Custom Home Designs, we recognize the importance of creating a home that reflects the uniqueness and lifestyle of the people who live in that home. We will work closely with you to create an exclusive design that is custom tailored to meet the needs of you and your family. We also have many completed plans for you to obtain ideas from, but we honor the originality of each plan - therefore, your plan will never be duplicated for someone else. Our plans consistently exceed the expectations of even the most detailed customer. ..For most people, having your own home designed and built is a once in a lifetime, rewarding occurrence. With a wealth of experience, D. Gandy Custom Home Designs is here to help you achieve your goals and visions successfully.

We at D. Gandy Custom Home Designs are a true “Custom Home Design” company. Most ‘Home Design’ web sites that you visit have from five to a hundred or more ‘Stock Plans’ that you can order from. A few of them will let you make minor modifications such as reversing the plan or changing the type of foundation. We have no stock plans to order even though we have designed thousands of homes. We have yet to know of anyone able to find a ‘Stock Plan’ that is exactly what they want.

Your home will truly be a ‘One of a Kind Home’. We never duplicate our plans. We start from ‘Scratch’ with your ideas, wants and needs then create a home designed just for you and your family.

D'Juana Gandy has been designing fine custom homes for over 30 years in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. Customers say D'Juana is an excellent listener and a creative problem solver. She has established a host of professional relationships with both builders and individuals and has a long list of satisfied customers.

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