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The Design Process:                
Call (409) 313-4077 to set up an online or office appointment. The 1st meeting usually takes from one to two hours. Bring anything you have such as sketches, photos, etc.., or submit them online. We will do a Preliminary Plan consisting of the floor plan with room sizes and the front view of your home. The Preliminary Plan looks similar to a magazine plan with the addition to all four exterior views of the home. A preliminary plan will be emailed to you to study for a while (live in it on paper) and make any changes you want. Then email your changes to us or if needed, make another appointment and we will go over your changes with you. From this we will complete the Final Plans (construction set), from which your home will be built. This will consist of the floor plan fully dimensioned with the electrical, all four elevations, roof plan and foundation plan. Also, we can provide you with a site plan if needed. With these steps, you are much more likely to get the home of your dreams than trying to do it all in one step.

Prelimary Plan
Preliminary Plan
Left & Right Front & Back
Left & Right Elevations Front & Back Elevations
Foundation Final Plan
Foundation Final

Can a designer save me money?
Your ‘Blueprints’ or plans represent your dreams, wishes and your contractors’ promises in a single document. The most valuable means of communication is a quality set of plans. Many families take too lightly the value of the planning process. This is where the final success or failure of your new home is determined. If your plans are not thought out, all kinds of problems will likely occur during the construction of your home. Examples are light switches behind doors, not enough electrical outlets, a roof plan that looks good on paper, but cannot be constructed as drawn, building code requirements overlooked, wasted space that could have been used or could have been eliminated to reduce the total living area. These are just a few of many problems that a good designer can save you and your family.

Homes constructed from poorly designed plans nearly always come in over budget and ‘Change Orders’ seem to occur daily. A quality set of plans can save you from these problems.


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